About Landscape Architecture

Landscape Architecture is both the art and science of creating places for people.  Landscape Architects use planning, design, management and analysis which to conceptualize and guide the development of land.

Landscape Architecture is a diverse profession that incorporates a wide variety of practice types ranging from small scale gardens to large scale Regional Master Plans! Landscape Architects may focus their practice on areas such as:
•    Residential Design
•    Garden Design
•    Site Design
•    Public Park Design
•    Streetscape Design
•    Environmental Design
•    Land Reclamation
•    Urban Redevelopment
•    Master Planning
•    Corporate and Institutional Campuses
•    Regional or Neighborhood Planning

A Landscape Architect’s most important strength is the ability to understand and synthesize the key variables involved in creating places:  Land, people, aesthetics, structure and natural systems. Landscape Architects are trained to blend the qualities of nature with the needs of people. It is this quality that makes the Landscape Architect’s work so valuable.

In NJ, only a State licensed professional can use the title “Landscape Architect”.   Look for the term “NJ Licensed Landscape Architect” or ‘LLA’.   Learn more about licensure here (link to Becoming a Landscape Architect)

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For more information about Landscape Architecture visit:  www.asla.org

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