Licensure in New Jersey

Landscape Architecture License Upgrade

In recent years, the NJASLA Legislative Committee was actively advocating for and achieved full licensing for Landscape Architects with an upgrade in definition of the profession. This upgrade in definition to allow for the full scope of practice, consistent with the specialized Knowledge, Skills and Abilities (KSA’s) which are the basis of the LARE (Landscape Architecture Registration Exam). The definition modification and licensing based upon the “three E’s” (Education, Experience and Examination) consistently accepted in the United States and Canada as a minimum for licensing.

Practice of the profession of landscape architecture is now under the jurisdiction of the NJ Board of Architects and has much better representation than in the past. Two landscape architects are full voting members of the board. In the past, the practice of Landscape Architecture was under the LAEEC (Landscape Architecture Education and Evaluation Committee) and only one of five members of the LAEEC had a vote on the Board of Architects.

Regulations- Update based up on new licensing Legislation

In the early Fall of 2010, the NJ Board of Architects created new regulations that will begin to more closely recognize the fully licensed status and modification made to the definition of the practice of Landscape Architecture. In late fall 2010, new regulations were published in the NJ Register. Based upon internal discussion, and input from the membership, the NJASLA Legislative and Executive Committees created a document to respond to the proposed regulation changes and included areas that may have been missed in the complex and difficult creation of new regulations. The Chapter expects the Board of Architect response to the proposals to be published in the NJ Register sometime in early 2011.

Activities and Advocacy

The legislative committee has been actively monitoring several bills and governmental activities. The NJASLA Legislative and Executive Committees typically have one or more members attend the BOA monthly meetings to voice support for the profession and to serve as a resource regarding the regulatory process. Activities will be posted to the “News” section of this website.

About the NJASLA Legislative Committee

The NJASLA Legislative Committee actively monitors and pursues legislative initiatives, which may directly or indirectly affect the practice of landscape architecture in New Jersey. The committee makes recommendations to the Executive Committee about bills that should be monitored, supported or opposed by the chapter as a whole. The chapter management consultant provides periodic updates on bills directly or indirectly related to LA practice. The Legislative Committee also helps educate members of the chapter about legislation that may be of interest. The committee may provide information on bills or legislative action, but upon which the chapter may not take an official position.

Jeffrey A. Tandul, LLA, ASLA, M.Arch.

Nick Tufaro, LLA, ASLA, AICP,
Mark Anderson, LLA ASLA,
Jerry A. Lewis,LLA, ASLA,
Helen Heinrich, LLA, ASLA

Landscape Architecture Advocacy

The chapter urges its members to be active regarding any governmental activity that may affect the practice of Landscape Architecture. Members should be sure to follow the Chapter and ASLA National bylaws and policy before providing public statements on behalf of themselves or the chapter/ASLA. ASLA Policy Section

If you are interested in becoming involved in Landscape Architecture Advocacy please contact us! Click here

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