The NJASLA is the NJ Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects, a national organization of Landscape Architects, formed in 1899.   There are currently over  17,600 members of the ASLA.  We want our site to help you to learn more about the profession of Landscape Architecture in New Jersey.

The New Jersey Chapter

The NJASLA works hard to provide local services to NJ member Landscape Architects.  Members are kept up to date on important issues via this website, our weekly newsletter and e-mail announcements. Every year, our members gather at our annual meeting: a fun, 3-day event full of seminars, continuing education and networking. The event is attended by close to 600 professionals each year.

Through the efforts of NJASLA, the New Jersey State Legislature adopted new legislation in 2008 to increase the effectiveness of Landscape Architects in providing environmentally responsible “quality of life” places and spaces throughout New Jersey and encourage an equal status for Landscape Architects with Architects, Engineers, Planners and Surveyors within the land development process. In 2013, NJASLA petitioned and achieved adopted regulation to enforce the practice provisions of the 2008 legislation to allow landscape architects to propose the location of buildings and their relationship to the site and the immediate environs and propose the grading of land and water forms, natural drainage, and determination of related impacts, assessments, and problems of land disturbance including erosion and sedimentation, blight, or other hazards in a submittal of site planning elements to government authorities.

The NJASLA Executive Committee

Term Expires
Nicole Cohen, ASLA
Fall 2022
President Elect
Gaetano ‘Guy’ Romano, LLA, ASLA
Fall 2022
Im. Past President
Anthony Parziale, LLA, ASLA
Fall 2022
1st Vice President
Victoria Kayes, ASLA, ASHS-CH
Fall 2023
2nd Vice President
Theresa Hyslop, ASLA
Fall 2022
Giovanni Caputo, Assoc. ASLA, LEED GA
Fall 2023



John Duda, LLA, ASLA

Jan Saltiel Rafel, LLA, LEED AP

Fall 2022

Fall 2024

Success is all about you

The success of NJASLA relies on its members and volunteers.  If you are interested in getting involved please do not hesitate to reach out to us!

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