Project Description

Guided by the ecological importance of the Navesink River watershed, the construction of this three and one-half acre Navesink River property was intended to reflect the home’s shingle-style architecture, while honoring the client’s simple, economic blueprint request. In doing so, the landscape architect married native plantings and schemes with modern backyard luxuries in a sustainable site plan, providing the client with years of burgeoning sustainability and functionality. In additional to the overall master planning and construction documentation, the landscape architect was responsible for the exterior management of this project.

Remnants of dry mesic oak forest and tidal marshes constitute the fresh-water wetlands, which welcome visitors to this property. With varying topograhy, creating level, usable space within the provisions set forth in the NJ Coastal Area Facility Review Act (CAFRA) was an architectural and artistic challenge. Because of CAFRA, thoughtful spacial arrangement with minimal soil grading and disturbance was necessary to incorporate certain design elements, most notably the raised gunite swimming pool.