Project Description

As part of the overall site development, the client saw a need for high end luxury extended stay living within Morris County to service the areas plethora of businesses and corporate headquarters.

With limited space for outdoor guest amenities due to the large footprint of the building and access roads, the developers included two rooftop courtyards as part of the exterior guest amenities. Our office was tasked to create an “on-grade” installation on the second floor of the proposed building and develop the overall site as usable amenity space with passive and recreational activities for the guests.

The Landscape Architecture team provided Design and Construction Administration for the 256 room flexible stay rental community. The overall site landscaping included an entry courtyard with drop-off area, dog-park, a decomposed granite looped path system through meadows and birch groves, as well as a modern planting design scheme. A large berm was created to buffer the main road as well as create a recreational amenity for the guests.