Project Description

The project located in the Berkshire Hills of western Massachusetts involved renovating a pool area as a family gathering space that embraces the unique natural beauty of the property. We worked with an architectural firm on the renovation which encompassed a new infinity edge pool with an inset hot-tub, stone terraces and walls, landscaping and a contemporary pool pavilion. 

The design intent of the project was to create an expansive pool area, overlooking spectacular views of the surrounding mountains, while not increasing the footprint of the existing pool space. Working closely with the Architect we created a seamless melding of the pavilion and pool terraces. The contemporary pavilion features a kitchen, bar, dining and living areas bathroom and showers under a dramatic sloped roof structure. 

The existing pool area had high clipped shrubs that blocked views. By locating the new pool at the edge of the bluff, we used the dramatic effect of the infinity edge and opened up the vista with sweeping views of the mountains. We were also able to maintain existing woodlands by minimizing site disturbance. 

The landscape was designed to show ever changing interest throughout the summer months. From spring through the fall there is constant bloom of trees, shrubs, perennials and grasses.